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My fight at : Warrior Kingdom is just 10 days away, and while most fighters in the west would be starting their weight cuts about now, I’m already basically on weight.

People can sometimes get confused that I’m the atomweight champ, even though I fight at 115 pounds. Over in Asia, atomweight is actually at the strawweight limit. ONE Championship is the only organization that has weight classes labeled like they do.

ONE does things a little bit different than other MMA promotions. And, more important than the change in weight class names is the ban on weight cuts. You have to make weight the day of the fight, and stay hydrated.

As an athlete, it is so much better, and so much healthier for you and for your body. I still remember when I had to cut weight as an amateur. It was a terrible feeling trying to go to sleep the night before a weigh in and you can’t sleep.

Since going pro, I keep my walking weight around 125 pounds, so I just have to do a natural diet a couple weeks out to get my body in peak performance condition, and down to 115. It’s a completely natural diet, and a healthier alternative that I think all fighters should be doing.

Sure, I love food. I’m a big foodie actually, so the diet is a bit difficult for me and my self control. I’m a big fan of sweets and all those carbs: bread and pasta; but it’s only temporary that I can’t eat them, and after the fight, eating is my prize.

I’ve definitely noticed the difference in the performance the day of fight night. So, the way ONE goes about with this weight cutting and with divisions now is really better for the fighters, and I’m really happy with it.

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