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E3 is coming! I'm super excited to be heading there for the first time, but before I do, I'll just talk about the games I've been playing and the ones I'm most looking forward to coming out.

My dad was always big on having the newest electronics when we were growing up and passed that on to me and my brothers. I vaguely remember playing a lot of TurboGrafx before we upgraded to a Nintendo, and then a Super Nintendo. Although we considered ourselves an NES family, we cheated once and bought a Sega CD because the graphics were so amazing!

My adult self has been pretty loyal to Sony. I've owned every PlayStation since the first one, and am only just now giving PC games a go. However, branching out has made my game-finding experience a lot more fun. I'm looking forward to exploring and seeing what's out there in the PC world that I've ignored for all these years.

Right now, I’ve been playing a lot of Titan Fall 2, but before E3, I wanted to run through some of my favorite games and the ones I’m really looking forward to coming out soon.

I already explained how Fallout 4 was really helpful before my run with FC. So I recently back tracked and played the first two Fallouts, which dove me even deeper into the Fallout universe. Isometric pixel art and animation is actually really smooth and they didn't cheat you on the gore.

Right now, I’ve been playing a lot of first-person shooters: Call of Duty, Battlefield 1, and Titan Fall 2. This is me trying to keep up with the kids, but I feel like I've gotten a lot better since I finally got the nerve to start playing FPS's online. It's especially fun since my husband and I log in together and team up against people. Every now and then I'll get a kill streak to brag about.

I’ve also been playing Street Fighter 5, but I think I’m going to need a coach to play online, I hate logging on and not really knowing how to fuck people up without spamming buttons. X Com 2 was also really fun for me. I made so much fun of my husband when he got really into the first one because he was always in a menu screen, but after I got into Fallout Shelter he suggested I get X Com 2-- it’s been a nice surprise. I just made the whole MMA Team and had them killing aliens. I'm currently mustering up the courage to continue playing Resident Evil, but survival horror always freak me out and this one is insanely well done.

So when it comes to games I'm looking forward to, two are at the top of my list: Red Dead Redemption 2 and Last of Us: Part 2. The first ones had amazing story lines so they have big shoes to fill, but it seems like the developers are really taking their time. Another sequel that's kind of on my radar is Destiny 2, but I'm a little weary of committing if they're going to do that same slow release content tactic where you end up paying for one game three times.

With E3 coming up in a few weeks, I’m really excited to see a lot of the new games coming out and give them a try. Hopefully I’ll find some good stuff to share on my stream, games that and (two other fighters who do a lot of Twitch streaming) don’t even have yet. Hopefully we can all find a day to play some new games online together.

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