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Andre Berto is one of 49 professional fighters who can say they've looked across a boxing ring at Floyd Mayweather. Like the other 48, Berto was unsuccessful in his attempt to add a loss to Mayweather's record.

The next man to attempt to hand Mayweather a loss will probably be UFC lightweight champion, Conor McGregor. It's hard to imagine McGregor upsetting Mayweather in a pure boxing match, but for those who believe he has a legit chance, Berto details exactly how hard it was to fight Mayweather.

Mayweather has the definition of "old man game." It may not be in a pickup basketball game, but it's surely the boxing equivalent. Mayweather takes little damage and uses his defensive skills to frustrate his opponents.

"He thinks defensive first, while all of us think offensive first. He thinks defensive first, always looking. He puts you in a place where he's so defensive and elusive that you steady punching and you keep swinging, and you see him looking at you, but he puts you in a place if I keep swinging too much I'm going to hang myself out there to get hit."

That amount of over thinking in a boxing ring can limit even the best of fighters, as we've seen from Canelo, Pacquiao, and others. Mayweather's intellect is his greatest weapon and it's showing no sign of declining.

"He's very smart at dictating the pace. He looks at the clock like four times a round."

"Between every round, I can see him, he'll look. He's looking to see if you're breathing hard, to see if you're tired. I've never been in there with someone so observant."

Mayweather's intellect is only rivaled by his patience. He's in tune with every aspect of the match and knows his opponents better than they know themselves. He knows that he doesn't have to throw a high volume of punches to win rounds; he just needs to land more than his opponent.

The punches he does land often land with authority and snap his opponents' head back. Those are little things judges look for when deciding the winner of a round, which is why sharp efficient punches are just as good as haymakers.

"He's not a big puncher, he's a sharp puncher. He's going to get your attention."

Berto left his fight with Floyd Mayweather with a large check and very little damage, so he understands the appeal Mayweather holds for Conor McGregor. He even has some advice for "Mystic Mac."

Time will tell if McGregor can use the experience of boxers before him to capture biggest upset in combat sports history.


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