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Last year, Michael Bisping kicked off a series of the best moments in his career by beating Anderson Silva. It was that win against the legend that got him his title shot with Luke Rockhold and the rest is MMA history. It's no surprise that Silva wants to run that back, especially given the fact that he kneed Bisping's face off and thought he already won.

“In my opinion, I won,” Silva said to Combate, which was translated by MMAJunkie. “It was very controversial because he landed two strikes when I was out of balance. He ended up getting the points."

"When he ate the knee, the bell rang. And the rule, if I’m not mistaken, says he needs to get up on his own to go to his corner. He didn’t get up on his own and, while I was up in the cage, the commission came in," Silva said. "The commission never enters if the fight isn’t over. So when the commission came in, I was already celebrating, because he was knocked out."

As if the fight wasn't already controversial enough, Silva shines some new light on the cold case and reopens the books to try and get his rematch. Of course, Silva has just been booked against Derek Brunson for and even called out , so it seems like he's just keeping his options open. But probably wants his title back.

"He was knocked down, they brought in the stool for him to sit. The commission helped him get up and sit on the stool," Silva said. "He didn’t get up on his own. He was sitting in my corner, then they removed the stool, and put it in his corner, and he was sitting down for a while.”

Michael Bisping admits he was saved by the bell.


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