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I have never thrown punches after the bell. Never.

But, illegal strikes have definitely been a big topic the last few days since the main event. I remained neutral during the fight, but the entire 25 minutes was very strange for me.

Of course, is my teammate at , but is from my country, Holland. So I remained neutral, maybe banking a little but more towards Holly cause she’s my teammate and I know her personally.

Even before the fight I thought that Germaine definitely needed to upgrade her striking to be able to compete in the cage with Holly. She’s a great kickboxer, but it’s different when there’s takedowns involved and leg locks and the Octagon. There’s different movements in there.

Honestly, I would’ve expected a little more action from both women. It’s a little bit disappointing, but I remember thinking after the final bell rung that there was no way Germaine could’ve won this fight.

I did believe that Holly did enough to secure the victory, even without the illegal strikes thrown by Germaine.

The striking was a little back-and-forth, but then if you look at Holly, she scored three knockdowns over Germaine, cause if you hit and you’re going down, that’s a knockdown.

Then came the result …

It was a strange result, a big shock. I just did not see Germaine winning the fight at all; she got dominated in the clinch.

It is what is, and you should never leave it to the judges. But then I will ask, “who else do you leave it to?”

There’s not much else to say there. Maybe they will fight again, maybe not. But, Holland definitely has a new UFC champion, and that is a great thing for the development of mixed martial arts in the Netherlands.

Sure, MMA will not be like soccer -- when the Dutch soccer team is playing the whole country rallies behind the team and it’s a different ballpark when there’s Dutch soccer -- but it’s a step in the right direction for Dutch fighting.

And on that note, I’ll leave you here. But check back soon, real soon, and I’ll tell you all about the great strikers in Dutch history.

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