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In just six days time Alexander will be back in a big time main event at UFC Fight Night 109 in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Swede has had a difficult few years dealing with multiple injury setbacks that have kept him on the sidelines. Having suffered defeats to both Anthony Johnson and Daniel Cormier in 2015, Gustafsson bounced back well with a win over Polish fighter, Jan Błachowicz last August. With injuries now behind him and a win under his belt, the former two-time title contender is ready to be the center of attention once again on May 28.

“It feels good, yeah it feels good—I’m always prepared for the attention you get as the main event,” Gustafsson said, speaking exclusively to “It was great having the UFC camera crews here a few weeks ago. They were a good team, so it wasn’t a burden on my training or anything. It was good and we had fun shooting everything they wanted. I hope they got some good stuff.”

Gustafsson will face Glover and he says he’s prepared for everything the Brazilian will bring to the table. The Swede has been training with some of the best light heavyweights in the world but knows he’s in for a tough test come fight night.

“He’s got incredible power—knockout power,” Gustafsson said. “He’s got very big power in his hands and I know that’s something I’ve got to be careful with. Everything else, I don’t see as a problem in the fight. I’ve brought some guys that are mimicking him very well and hitting me very hard. They are the same height and same type of body as him—it’s been perfect.”

While Gustafsson says he will be wary of Teixeira’s power early in the fight, he also knows that he must prepare to go a full 25-minute given the fight is the main event.

“I’m preparing as if I have to go five rounds,” Gustafsson said. “I see myself winning by submission and I see myself picking him apart. I think he will come hard at me in the first two rounds, but then I think it will be my fight. I will be prepared for his power at the beginning, but then from there, it’s going to be all me. I will win every round and if I get the finish, that’s great.”

Gustafsson will be fighting in Sweden for the first time since his heart-breaking loss to Johnson back in January 2015. The Swede sees the upcoming fight with Teixeira as his big opportunity to bury the bad memories of that evening and to have a proud moment in front of his home fans.

“This is not a fight I can lose,” Gustafsson said. “I’m going to win this fight. I need it. I need it for my career, I need it for myself, and I need to get revenge for my last fight in Stockholm. I can’t wait for May 28. Trust me, it can’t come soon enough.”

Gustafsson and his fans won’t have to wait long. In just three weeks, the UFC will be in Sweden again for the first time in over two years. Suffice to say, Gustafsson believes it will be a special night and one to remember.

“This is going to be a great event and I can’t wait to finish the card off with a big win for my fans,” Gustafsson said. “Glover is a good, entertaining fighter with big power and I have a lot of respect for him. It’s going to be a good fight and a good night for Swedish MMA. This will be my fight though. I’m more determined than ever to win and there will be no other result.”

Can Gustafsson get the win he needs to put himself back in the UFC light heavyweight title talk? It’s all eyes on Sweden and on May 28 for the answer.


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