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Jim Edwards

probably visualized winning his ACB debut plenty of times, but not even he could've imagined it would go the way it did.

Earlier today, Tumenov entered the ACB cage for the first since leaving the UFC earlier this year. The Russian fighter took on Ismael de Jesus, a man who answered the call to step in on just five days notice after Tumenov's original opponent, Marcelo Alfaya, pulled out earlier in the week.

De Jesus entered the cage somewhat of an unknown with a 15-5 record that he'd built fighting in his home country of Brazil. Unfortunately for him, he didn't get much of an opportunity to showcase his skills as Tumenov took only 46-seconds to dispatch him in devastating fashion.

Both fighters pushed forward from the outset and de Jesus had his only success early on when he clipped Tumenov with a right hand. This pushed Tumenov back, but as the Brazilian advanced, Tumenov caught him with a hefty flurry of counter punches with a left, right, left sending the de Jesus face first to the mat.

Tumenov celebrated with his arms outstretched as he took in the adulation of the crowd in the Sibur Arena in St. Petersburg. De Jesus remained unconscious for well over a minute as medics tended to him in the cage. Thankfully, the Brazilian eventually made it back onto his stool and he was escorted from the cage as Tumenov had his hand raised in victory.

What a start to Albert Tumenov's career. The rest of the welterweight division have been put on notice.


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