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Elias Cepeda

So, Kelvin Gastelum has missed weight, again. And now he's out of his scheduled UFC 205 welterweight contest against Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone.

The news came Friday morning and so it immediately appeared as though Cerrone would be out of UFC 205 as well. After all, who would fight the former title-challenger on just a day's notice?

Well, welterweight contender Alan Jouban happens to already be in New York City, this week for UFC 205 festivities, and he just announced that he's game to liven up his weekend a bit with a short-notice bout against "Cowboy."

Jouban followed that tweet up with a phone call to Champions and told us that though his management did indeed speak with UFC officials this morning about making the fight happen, the New York athletic commission would not consider sanctioning Jouban or seemingly anyone else on 24 hour notice to fight Cerrone.

"That was in the back of my mind the whole time - I knew there were lots of regulations for this event, with extensive medicals and the new early weigh-ins, which I love, but I would have needed a couple hours to make weight," he tells us.

"[UFC VP and matchmaker] Joe Silva loved it, but he said the commission wouldn't sanction the fight."

A still amped-up Jouban quickly got himself into fight-mode upon hearing that Cerrone was without an opponent, and hasn't quite gotten himself out of it. After all, Jouban, also a top model who does lots of work in New York City, had publicly asked to fight on this historic card, but wasn't booked on it, in part because of a hand he'd injured in his last fight.

"I'm literally in New York right now to do a Paradise Warrior's seminar and do some stuff for modeling. I went down this morning to have some breakfast and read the news that Gastelum was out while eating an egg sandwich and coffee. A) I was looking forward to that fight and B) This is what I wanted, to fight in New York City. The whole time my hand was healing I wondered, 'will I be back in time for New York?' So, it was in the back of my mind," he explains.

"I thought, 'f-ck it, dude,' I will totally fight 'Cowboy.' What do I have to lose? I'm in shape, my hand is healed. I was getting ready to run down to MSG and make weight and then fight. I'm still pacing, now, man."

Jouban is currently riding a two-fight win-streak, having last fought in July against UFC 205 participant Belal Muhammad.


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