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I've done some dumb things in my life, and giving out my real phone number on national television was not one of my smarter life choices. But, before I tell you what happened after I announced my digits, I want to explain my mindset, and how it happened.

Going into my fight I knew I couldn't risk it going to decision. I had to finish the guy. The only thing was, about a week before the bout, I popped a rib while training. It was the worst pain, but I never even thought about pulling out of the fight, that's not my style. I was able to put the rib back in place, but I knew I had to be careful that it didn't happen in the fight.

When round one opened, I got rocked, it wasn't the kick, but the punch to the head that did it and I knew I had to grapple with him, despite that being the worst thing for my rib.

As soon as I took him to the ground I heard (and felt) a pop and knew my rib was out again. But I was able to work through the pain (and actually tried to push the rib back in during the fight) and got the finish with just seven seconds left in the final round.

So needless to say, all the things I had planned to say on the mic went right out of my head due to the pain and exhaustion. I knew I wanted to ask for a UFC fight, but I never planned to give my number — I was just so tired, I wasn't thinking.

When I went backstage to see the doctor I already had 159 missed calls. I was floored. I was used to a lot of texts from friends after a fight, but never have I had that many missed calls! While I got the cut on my face stitched up I thought I'd reply to a few of the messages.

I was kinda shocked at the ones I got. None were from girls, sadly, but most were positive or funny. I did get a few insults, but I really could care less, nothing was going to get me down.

Here are a Few of the Messages I Received:

As for a phone call from the UFC ... a call didn't come that night, but I did get a text from someone important. This time though, I'm keeping my mouth shut.

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