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17-4 Pro MMA/ Best unsigned fighter on the planet - PRIMETIME
Adam Townsend

I have been fighting out of Hampton, Tennessee forever, but have yet to really have a huge hometown fight.

The MMA scene here is so small, that I usually travel to someone else's home turf for most of my big fights. I'm doing it again this week, taking on Marcus Edwards in the 5 main event.

He's from Colorado, so I need to finish this fight in order to avoid a "hometown decision." In case you're not familiar, that's when a fight comes down to the wire and the hometown fighter is given the win over the visitor.

This has actually happened to me for all four of my losses, which sucks. I have 16 wins, and 12 finishes. I have never been knocked out, never been submitted, and could be well on my way to a UFC contract. However, because my biggest fights have been on someone else's turf, I've lost four "hometown decisions."

Who knows, I may never have a huge fight in my hometown, so I will never get the same advantage that those other guys got over me. But, I guess that's why you can't ever leave it to the judges, right?

So, as I prepare for my next out-of-town fight, I have to be sure I get the finish, and don't let it come down to a decision again. If I can stick to my game plan, I'm confident I will get the win.


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