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We are no stranger to Absolute Championship Berkut and their nights of awesome knockouts. has even streamed some of their events, in hopes to spread the word of the ''Less Show, More Fighting' organization. Yes, that really is their slogan. Anyway, It's not all about the KO highlights. They got some sick, Jon Jones-esque submissions too. This latest one though, may be too much for young readers. If you're squeamish, you might want to read another one of our articles.

Marcus Burusic must have wanted to show off to ACB 60 commentator, Frank Mir. After yielding to a sloppy head-and-arm takedown early in the first round, Burusic latched onto Burak Kizilirmak's arm with lethal intentions. Kizilirmak decided he wasn't going to tap, much like some former Mir opponents, so Burusic did what he had to do: Try to remove the damn arm from the dude's body. Luckily, he didn't scream curses and flip Kizilirmak off like Shinya Aoki when he broke Mizuto Hirota's arm.

Bonus Video: Frank Mir Destroying Nogueira's Arm


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