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There’s been plenty of talk as to whether a man with a 0-0 record should get a spot on a fight card, not least of all when the only reason he’s been given the opportunity is because of his borrowed fame from MTV’s reality TV series.

Well those who weren’t in favour of Aaron Chalmers getting his first ever professional (or amateur) fight on tomorrow’s BAMMA 29 fight card will have plenty of ammunition to argue with following today’s weigh-ins in Birmingham, England.

Two weeks ago, it was announced by the promotion that Chalmers had been booked against Greg Jenkins in a bout set to take place at the lightweight limit of 155lbs. As per their previous two events in Dublin and Belfast, BAMMA held an early weigh-in session and gave fighters the opportunity to weigh-in during a two-hour window.

But, this is where all the confusion has begun.

Chalmers clocked in at 170lbs, a full 14lbs over the +/-1lbs weight variation given for making lightweight (156lbs). Chalmers’ opponent, Jenkins, then also came in at 163.6lbs.

A BAMMA press release distributed this afternoon failed to signal that either Chalmers or Jenkins had missed weight or that they would be deducted a percentage of their fight purse. The two other fighters on the card who missed weight, Mick Stanton and Pelu Adetola, were both flagged and will be fined a percentage of their fight purse..

We will update our story when we have any further news or comment from the promotion or fight camps.

**Update - 13:54pm CET 12/05/2017

Dale Jordan of MMA Mad has since flagged a Facebook message posted by Greg-Harwood Jenkins after the weigh-ins yesterday. In the message, Jenkins explained that the bout had been changed to a welterweight fight just a few days ago when he was informed that Chalmers would not be able to make the weight.

Full BAMMA 29 Weigh-In Results

BAMMA World Heavyweight Championship (Vacant)

Brett ‘The Spartan’ McDermott (233.2) Vs. Ruben ‘The Viking’ Wolf (245)

BAMMA World Middleweight Championship (Vacant)

Yannick ‘Black Mamba’ Bahati (184.6) Vs. Matt ‘Farmerboy’ Hallam (184.2)

Lonsdale Lightweight Title

Tim Barnett (c) (154.6) Vs. Mario ‘Rude Boy’ Saeed (154.2)

Lonsdale Welterweight Title (Vacant)

Terry ‘The Dominator’ Brazier (168.4) Vs. Walter ‘The Sniper’ Gahadza (168.8)

Bantamweight Bout

Aaron ‘Smackwell’ Blackwell (136) Vs. Shay Walsh (135.8)

Welterweight Bout

Aaron Chalmers (170) Vs. Greg Jenkins (163.6)

Lightweight Bout

Rick Slevarajah (154.4) vs. Jai Herbert (156)

Featherweight Bout

Ronnie ‘Iron’ Mann (144.6) Vs. Daniel Crawford (145.4)

Featherweight Bout

Daniel Rutkowski (146) vs. Cameron Hardy (145.4)

Middleweight Bout

‘The Nigerian Diamond’ Pelu Adetola (189.4)* Vs. Nathius Frederick (184.4)

82kg Catchweight Bout

Daniel 'Pork Chop' Cassell (81.5kg) Vs. Daniel "Obi Wan' Olejniczak (81.5kg)

73kgs Catchweight

David Khalsa (72.4kg) vs. Cian Cowley (73kg)

60kg Catchweight Bout

Mike ‘The Portuguese Popstar’ D’Aguiar (60kg) Vs. Sam ‘Hurricane’ Halliday (59.5kg)

Welterweight Bout

Mick Stanton (173.8)* Vs. Lukasz ‘Swiry’ Swirydowicz (170.4)

Heavyweight Bout

Maciej Sosnowski (233.2) Vs. Mindagus Gerve (260)

* Fighter failed weight. Fined % of purse, bout still on.


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