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Is Conor McGregor the most fashionable UFC fighter of all time?

I think so.

Sit back as I take you on a journey through Conor McGregor's closet, his shopping trips and his rise to super stardom.


At this point in McGregor's journey, his fashion mirrored his fight career; it was budding and on the edge of greatness, but not quite as wild and free as it is now. He was professional, confident and stylish. One might say he was well dressed, but not over-the-top. He likely was not being paid enough to wear the threads he does now.

2 Years Ago

At this point, McGregor had beaten Max Holloway, and his name was on the rise. People were starting to respect him and his fighting style. This is where his closet started reflecting some real change. Here, he begins to dress in three piece suits and wear flashy watches. Much like the opponents he was fighting and the clothes he was wearing, he wasn't quite at main card level. He wasn't being recognized as a fashion or MMA icon, not yet anyways.

1 Year Ago

17 months ago, McGregor was preparing for the fight of his life. He was finally going to face Jose Aldo to take the featherweight crown. He eventually did take Aldo's belt (with a slight detour through Chad Mendes), and solidified himself as king of the featherweights. From then on, McGregor began dressing like royalty.

If King Henry VIII were alive today, he would dress exactly like Conor McGregor.

His suits grew increasingly more unique, the material more expensive and the tailoring near perfection. Even in his casual attire he was draped from head to toe in Louis Vuitton, Versace and Gucci.

8 months ago

Conor was king. He was preparing to fight for the lightweight title and was gearing up to make history. He was wearing the finest designers and raking in the paychecks and endorsements to fund his fashion addiction.

His fighting style was much like the loud, brash and extremely valuable Versace shirt he wore to the UFC 196 presser. He was literally worth millions in the cage and was securing his place in history.

Designers started to dress him, and fashion magazines started to feature him. By this point, he has become one of the most recognizable fighters in the sport's history, and people remember his outfits as much as they do his fights.

McGregor is set to face lightweight champion, Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 on Nov. 12. I'm sure we'll see a number of expertly selected ensembles leading up to what will be a historic day in MMA.

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