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After more than two years outside the , Tim Kennedy is set to make his return at against middleweight debutante Rashad Evans.

"I'm on the undercard for the first time in like ten years, so it's kinda' cool," Kennedy said on UFC Unfiltered.

The last time Kennedy saw action in the Octagon was in 2014, when Yoel Romero put a stop to his four-win streak in a controversial fight referred to as "stoolgate." Kennedy's last victory was actually against middleweight champion, Michael Bisping, and he's eager to get back in there, especially for a card like this.

"This particular card is so unbelievable. There's just not a single fight you don't want to see ... I'm going to be the second or third fight of the night, and I'll have cage side seats at Madison Square Garden," Kennedy said. "I'll be able to enjoy the first card in New York City at Madison Square Garden with the biggest fight card in UFC history. I'll not only have competed in it, but I'll be able to enjoy it the rest of the night."

In the two years between his fights, Kennedy has been focused on being a military badass and spending time with his family. After being asked about his kids, Kennedy revealed he records an extra special voicemail message for both of his daughters.

"This is her father and I'm a Special Forces sniper, I'm a Ranger, I'm a Green Beret, I'm a UFC fighter. If this is a boy trying to get hold of my daughter, you should hang up now before I come and find you. If this is one of Sabrina's friends or family member, you're more than welcome to leave a message. If this a boy, I will find you."

It's no surprise that Kennedy goes full Liam Neeson from Taken when it comes to his daughters and dating.

Any potential suitors should tune in to UFC 205 on November 12th to find out what they may be getting themselves into.


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