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Sometimes you have to turn 30 before you come into your own. That appears to be the case with fighter Gegard Mousasi, 31.

The Dutch-Armenian mixed martial artist, a former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion, has always been a dangerous opponent. But now Mousasi, who will fight Uriah Hall at in Belfast Northern Ireland on Saturday, is becoming a well-conditioned verbal striker as well.

Gone are the days of the humble and relatively silent Mousasi. The middleweight contender has decided to abandon his silent demeanor in favor of a more aggressive stance.

Introducing Gegard Mousasi, the rising star of trash talk:

"People are stupid," Mousasi said at the UFC 204 press conference. "They don't know who is a real fighter or not. They just like to see expensive stuff on instagram, probably."

Mousasi below explains that he decided to drop the political correctness and start being himself.

"I am just saying what I am thinking," Mousasi said. "People love it or they hate it, but I am just being more of myself."

So what is he thinking? There's this guy in the UFC named and Mousasi doesn't like him much:

In the interview, Mousasi also says this about McGregor: "The guy's full of himself. He can go f-ck himself."

Mousasi has some strong words for his opponent Saturday night, Hall, a man who holds a TKO victory over him.

"The next time we fight I am going to win," Mousasi said. "That's what I mean by fluke."

He even recently called out the controversial .

Mousasi has also toyed with UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping recently.

"I beat Hendo in less than 2 minutes and @bisping went 5 rounds with him. F-ck it, let's just go for gold! @danawhite give me the champ!" he tweeted.

After UFC 204, Mousasi didn't feel threatened by Bisping, who defeated Dan Henderson by decision.

“I’ll fight Michael Bisping," Mousasi said. "With his performance tonight? I like Michael Bisping. But you guys know I can beat Michael Bisping. I will jab his face the whole night."

Heading into Saturday's fight, Mousasi is brimming with confidence:


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