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When your day job involves leaping off of rooftops, jumping out of windows, and coordinating fist fights, injuries are bound to happen in the workplace. Somehow, martial arts movie icon has been able to survive some pretty gruesome situations in order to become one of the world's biggest action movie stars of all time.

During the promotional tour for Chan's 2012 film CZ12, the studio released a special poster in Japan detailing all of the injuries that the actor has sustained throughout his over five decade career in show business. Known for always doing his own stunts, Chan has endured everything from broken noses to spinal damage while working on movie sets, yet he's still going strong at 62 years of age.

The folks over at Kotaku were able to translate the promo art's list of injuries, which also includes the names of the films in which the bruises or broken bones occurred. Here's a rundown of the recent Oscar honoree's many painful on set injuries.

Eyebrow bone damage: Drunken Master (1978)

Broken noses: Young Master (1980), Project A (1983), Miracles (1989), Mr. Nice Guy (1997)

Tooth knocked out: Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow (1978)

Lacerated lip: Police Story 4: First Strike (1996)

Chin injury: Dragon Lord (1982)

Dislocated right shoulder: City Hunter (1993)

Broken breastbone: Armour of God II: Operation Condor (1991)

Broken fingers: The Protector (1985)

Knee damage: City Hunter (1993)

Ankle injury: Who Am I? (1998)

Eye injury: The Medallion (2003)

Skull fracture and bleeding of the brain: The Armour of God (1986)

Dislocated cheekbone: Police Story 3: Super Cop (1992)

Cervical spine damage: Project A (1983)

Spinal damage: Police Story (1985)

Dislocated pelvis and partial paralysis: Police Story (1985)

Tailbone damage and partial paralysis: The Accidental Spy (2001)

Thigh injury: Crime Story (1993)

Broken ankle: Rumble in The Bronx (1995), Thunderbolt (1996)

Chan has also sustained multiple concussions over the years, a bruised throat, and a host of other injuries, according to Uproxx. Although these are probably painful memories for the celebrated Chinese actor, they do also make for hilarious blooper reels.


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