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Covers mixed martial arts and professional wrestling and the convergence of the two industries.
Josh Molina

Fast-food chain Wendy's is on to something here. They have tapped into a long-neglected, but vocal market: Pro wrestling fans.

The Wendy's social media employees have some deep inside pro wrestling knowledge. Anybody who can throw out a "#DELETE" joke on the Twitter page of a national recognized company, has got my fast-food dime.

#BrokenMattHardy is the alter ego character of Matt Hardy, who was obsessed with "deleting" his brother "Nero," Jeff Hardy. The character has took on a cult following and has been one of the saviors of an otherwise bleak 2016 for #TNA. Fans often chant "delete" during boring WWE shows, a sign of how far the character and gimmick has gone.

Many pro wrestling fans have tweeted their love for #Wendys in light of their smart tweet.

Even the real "Broken" Matt Hardy got involved.