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Amy Kaplan

Former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir was a powerhouse inside the Octagon, and it's looking like his offspring are heading in the same show-stopping direction. Mir posted an Instagram video of his daughter competing at a wrestling competition this weekend, and to say she destroyed her opponent might be a slight understatement.

His daughter Isabella competed against a boy this weekend and suplexed the poor kid, not once — but twice.

He then shared a video of his son, Ronin, whipping his opponent like a regular chip off the old block, I'd say.

A third video showed another son, Cage, defeating his opponent, as well. It looks like we may have a trio of future UFC champs on our hands.

Mir holds multiple UFC records including the record for most fights, victories, and submissions in UFC Heavyweight history. He is currently on suspension following a failed drug test.


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