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Andreas Hale

You may have heard somebody say that they are "fighting for their freedom." But in Thailand, that phrase is taken quite literally and Showtime Sports upcoming documentary titled "Prison Fighters: 5 Rounds To Freedom" will examine the controversial practice in Thailand's criminal justice system where inmates can earn their freedom by winning a series of Muay Thai fights.

Premiering on February 24th at 8:30pm ET/PT, "Prison Fighters" will go deep into the state-sponsored rehabilitation program that is known as "Prison Fight" and not reserved for petty criminals.

Narrated by Ron Perlman, PRISON FIGHTERS centers on the story of Noy Khaopan, a convicted murderer serving time in the Khao Prik Prison in Thailand. Viewers will follow Noy’s journey through Prison Fight and hear from his family, as well as from the heartbroken family of Noy’s victim. Ultimately, Noy’s freedom rests on one final fight, which poses a critical question: Can violent men redeem themselves through violent acts?

If it's sounds surreal, that's because it is and would never fly in the American criminal justice system. But it's certainly must-see television for hardcore and casual fight fans alike when the documentary premeires.


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