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Josh Molina

Hulkamania might live forever, but its fans won't, at least not on Monday Night Raw.

The WWE moved a fan known as "Tye Dye Guy" from a highly visible, front row seat because he was dressed as .

The wants you to know that this is 2017, not 1987. The most successful professional wrestling company in the world prefers that its fans dress like the current stars, , or .

Anybody but Hogan.

The fan who was moved off camera tweeted about his ordeal and heard back from the Hulkster.

Hogan has been persona non grata with the WWE since July of 2015 when a leaked tape revealed Hogan making racist comments toward African Americans. The comments were contained in a sex tape that was leaked to Gawker, which published a few seconds of the tape on its Website. Hogan recently settled with Gawker for $31 million, after he won a lawsuit accusing Gawker of invasion of privacy.

Apparently, the doesn't want anyone getting reminded of Hogan while watching its television shows.

Check out one of Hogan's real appearances on Raw.


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