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Everyone knows light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier is one of the best wrestlers on the entire roster. An Olympic medalist, his ability to dictate where a fight goes is unparalleled. Which makes his latest comments on UFC Tonight all the more mind boggling…

Cormier is set to take on one of the hardest hitting fighters in the division, Anthony Johnson. Having already faced off against one another at UFC 187, “DC” submitted Johnson in the third via rear-naked choke. Surely then in their upcoming rematch, Cormier will look to use his superior wrestling skills to his advantage, and avoid a back-and-forth melee in the middle of the Octagon. Well, no. In fact, he's said the complete opposite.

“I get to go in there and fold up Rumble Johnson like a nice load of laundry. No wrestling. I’m standing up with Rumble Johnson. You say you’re going to knock me – prove it to me on April 8th. I’ll be waiting for you. I’m going to stand with this dude. Whats the worst that can happen?” (h/t for the transcription)

Well, let's look at it, what is the worst that could happen? In all honestly, probably a knockout and loss of his beloved UFC title. Going toe to toe with Anthony “Rumble” Johnson is a bad idea. A very bad idea. In fact, it may just be the worst idea that Cormier has ever thought up.

16 of Johnson’s 22 career wins have come by KO/TKO, with 5 of his 6 UFC victories having done so as well. In fact, his last three opponents haven’t even reached the third round before succumbing to the brute force power of Johnson.

Compare that to Daniel Cormier who’s last knockout victory came in 2013 during his Strikeforce days, having yet to register one in the UFC. Still, it could be worse. At least this time Daniel Cormier doesn't have to sit beside Johnson as an interviewer inadvertently reveals a potentially game-changing injury to his opponent.

Now, I’m not saying isn’t an accomplished striker, or that he isn't capable of knocking out . I’m just saying I’ve had better ideas, and I once went out in the depths of winter in Amsterdam in just a t-shirt.

The pair will rematch at UFC 210 for the light heavyweight title, as the UFC returns to the state of New York.


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