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Cris Cyborg is a featherweight fighter. We know that, the world knows that, and after years of flirting with dropping to 135, she finally knows that. The bottom line is that Cyborg is just too big to make the cut, and a fight with Ronda Rousey at anything less than 140 simply isn't worth putting her health in jeopardy. The problem, however, is the fact that there's no featherweight division for Cris Cyborg in the UFC, and that's a damn shame.

The world's most dominant female fighter besides doesn't have a weight division to fight in, and even though the created a division for Ronda, they are hesitant to do the same for Cyborg. There's a perceived double-standard for Ronda Rousey that Cris Cyborg can't wrap her head around. From the weight division, to her comeback fight being for the title at UFC 207.

stopped by Submission Radio and opened the floodgates of frustration (h/t FloCombat):

"Ronda, after her loss to Holly Holm, she took like a one-year break, and then I don't think it's fair she fights for the belt after one-year break," Cyborg said. "I think she's supposed to rematch Holly Holm or fight somebody else. I don't think she's humble enough for a fight that's not for the belt, because she wants to fight for the belt."

Cyborg knows her worth, and she knows that people will watch her fight (demolish) any opponent, so even though every other word out of her mouth seems to be "Ronda," one can sense that she's moving on from the whole ordeal. If Rousey isn't interested, then she can still fight other people.

"I really respect all my opponents, but the girl in my last fight (Lina Lansberg), nobody knows her, and she's had like 70 Muay Thai fights. She's a really, really good opponent, but for me to sacrifice to make 140, I'd like a super fight. You know, something the fans would like to watch. Because my last opponent, her last win was at 145 pounds. And then sometimes, I don't see it's worth making 140 to make a fight like this.

If you want a super fight, doesn't matter the weight -- It can be 150, can be 155, 145. But the thing is, I cannot kill myself at the time to make 140 for a normal fight."

Cyborg is still the Invicta featherweight champion, but hasn't defended her belt since January, 2016 when she knocked out Daria Ibragimova at Invicta FC 15. Perhaps it's the lack of talent at 145, or maybe it's the politics, but Cyborg is stuck at a weight with a lack of challengers and a lack of a superfight.

Miesha Tate is retired, Holly Holm has business at 135. Who's next?


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