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Jason Nawara

For longtime fans of MMA, they remember Conor McGregor coming in with a good amount of hype. In fact, he was coined (by me long before he got to the UFC) as the Irish Diaz brother. He was brash, stylish, and beating up his opponents with the same level of confidence he has now, just on a much smaller scale in Cage Warriors.

We all saw him coming, but no one, except McGregor and those close to him, saw this coming.

You look at the promo above and you see a that's downright quiet compared to his current self. But then, you have to admit, he's just a master a putting on a show, at making people care about his fights whether they love him or hate him.

Still, he's regular 'ol Conor to his dad, Tony McGregor (h/t FloCombat).

"He likes his downtime, his hometown and his own time. He's very private as well. Conor is very loyal to his close people and you got to remember they all rose from nothing as well. His coach, his team members. They just rocked up to the gym with a backpack on their back and that's all they had."

Make no mistake about it, Tony McGregor knows his son is a sports legend, and how can you deny that? Tony McGregor continued on with The UG's Jonathan Shrager.

But that doesn't change the core of who Conor is, according to his father. The two-division UFC champ, the historic fighter and the living, active legend in his prime is still just Conor to his family, and that's great to hear.

"He's still his mother's son. He still has two sisters and even a lovely nephew now. He can still rock up to our house, sit down and have a cup of coffee with us. He's still just Conor to us."

And he's "Notorious" to the rest of the world.


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