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As my generation of all-stars start to retire, the next generation of MMA fighters are being born and trained, many of them children of future UFC Hall of Famers. I have picked just a few of those kids that I would love to see competing on a professional level someday.

Tyron Woodley's Son

So many MMA fighters started as wrestlers, and it looks like UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley's son is no different.

Tito Ortiz's Boys

Former UFC champion and newly retired Tito Ortiz has two of the cutest kids on the planet, and with a home gym, there's no way at least one of these boys won't end up in the Octagon.

Conor McGregor's Unborn Child

Even though we know virtually nothing about UFC Lightweight champion Conor McGregor's child (not even it's gender), MMA fans are already salivating that the birth could produce a new king (or queen) of the UFC to follow in its history-making father. We've got some time before that happens, but I couldn't resit adding it to my list.

Chris Weidman's Son

Weidman's son, CJ, has just started wrestling (like last week), but was raised in the gym. Imagine another little Weidman in the Octagon someday!

Frank Mir's daughter

I really feel like these two videos are all you need to know to feel secure in the fact that the next generation of female fighters is going to be badass. Carry on Per.

Michael Bisping's Son

UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping's teenage son is probably the most likely next contender, as he not only wrestles at a high level (CIF), but also trains in BJJ and Muay Thai alongside his famously talented dad.

Read Bisping's blog where he talks about the future for his talented son Callum.

Daniel Cormier's Son

It's no surprise that the son of UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier is a wrestling superstar at the ripe old age of six. Just 12 more years until we can (legally) see him in an MMA fight. I'm setting the alarm on my phone now, as I don't want to miss it.

Tony Ferguson's Son

Tony may be the next (interim) lightweight champion, but his little boy, Armand Anthony, is too young to speculate on a possible martial arts career (he's not even a year old), but if has only half the skills of his insanely talented father, he'll do just fine.


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