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As the decision was read in last night's main event, the sold out audience at the Barclays Center showered the arena with boos. The first women's featherweight title fight in UFC history, like many of the 9 decisions handed out that night, was a largely forgettable, largely lackluster affair further stained by some truly erroneous referring, and the Brooklyn fans were having none of it.

In the case of Holly Holm vs. Germaine De Randamie, the controversey came down to two moments in particular. In both the second and third rounds, De Randamie threw a punch after the buzzer signifying the end of the round had clearly gone off. On both occassions, she was given just a warning by referee Todd Anderson.

And in Holm's mind, neither offense was an accident.

Speaking with reporters after the fight, Holm was highly critical of Anderson's decision not to deduct a point after the second offense, stating that De Randamie's actions were definitely not the result of a simple mental misstep.

Thought Holm was equally critical of her own decision to both let De Randamie get away with such behavior and not hit her back, she was surprised that such an obvious violation of the rules could be ignored on multiple occassions.

"If it's one shot after the bell at the end of a combo, then yeah, that's an accident sometimes. You know, you're in the flurry of it...those were the hardest shots she landed in the whole fight."

When looking at the evidence, it's hard to disagree.


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