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Jason Nawara

Until you're in an arena and you can hear the strikes land from a hundred rows back and you can feel the energy from the crowd as a finish nears, you simply don't know what you're missing. Thankfully, modern technology allows us to get close to the action so we can experience the cathartic and overwhelming response that comes from an incredible, historic moment in sports history.

A moment like the one we just witnessed at , thanks to Conor McGregor.

White Sox third-baseman Todd Frazier was in attendance at Madison Square Garden and he had his phone out to record a bit of the main event. Like a baseball, he caught one of the most electric moments the UFC has ever had — when McGregor unleashed his ridiculous c-c-combo to finish Alvarez.

Take this in for a second:

Not only does this show off McGregor's lightning-quick hand speed, it makes you feel like you're there, in MSG, and basking in the glory while white noise crackles and bounces off the arena walls. The goosebumps, I tell ya. The goosebumps.

It's worth watching over and over again. And the night probably helped Frazier forget that his rivals on the north side of Chicago are currently the Conor McGregor's of the MLB.


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