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Thomas Cunningham

Not much happened last week, just the biggest fight card in MMA history while the finally made its historic debut in New York City and Madison Square Garden. Nothing much happened at all... Right.

Let's dive into the heavily -themed Tweets of the Week!

The Man Likes His Bling

You Can't Hate on Conor!

Turns Out You CAN Still Hate on Conor


Conor Gets Cheers. I Do This and I'm "No Longer Welcome at Dave & Busters"

Props to the Ladies

Elias Gonna Get Kicked in His Head

She Makes a Solid Argument

And the Winner by Majority Draw... Wait, That's Not Right...

Don't Forget The NURMS! Never Forget Nurms!

Meanwhile, Uncle Creepy Had His Post Election Day Priorities Straight

Mind of Mitch: Musings From a Canadian UFC Fighter

You're Missed, Josh.


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