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Amy Kaplan

By now you've probably already heard that Rashad Evans was forced to withdraw from his bout with due to an undisclosed health issue that saw him denied a license to fight.

Now Evans' would-be opponent is wasting no time trying to find an opponent so he can still fight on the biggest fight card in history.

Big names. Can you blame him?

Kennedy called out three fighters to join him in New York for a fight, Nick Diaz, Anderson Silva and Middleweight champion Michael Bisping.

Let's break down the three fighters and the pros and cons for a potential fight:


  • Nick currently in New York for a seminar, so travel would not be an issue.
  • Might still be on suspension, as he has yet to pay his NAC fine.
  • Hasn't been training, probably wouldn't take a short notice fight


  • Is in Hong Kong filming a movie.
  • Has filled in on just two days notice for UFC 200, so time wouldn't be a factor.
  • On a losing streak, might not want to risk another loss.


  • Is in New York, working with Fox Sports.
  • Is current middleweight champion, would have too much to risk.
  • Just fought at UFC 204 and has likely not returned to training yet.

Any of these fights would have me like...

But as much as I would like to still see Kennedy fight in New York it seems unlikely that any of the three men he called out would fill in at this point.

Who would you like to see Kennedy fight?


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