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I can imagine Tim Kennedy sitting in a hotel room in New York checking his phone like a girl just home from her first date with a guy she likes. He's probably longing for a text from UFC President Dana White telling him they've found an opponent and he won't be the odd man out for the biggest fight card in the promotion's history.

Someone should come through. Kennedy deserves an opponent, and I can see that opponent being Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza.

That might not have been Kennedy's first (or second and third choice) but I think it's the smartest and most likely short notice fight.

Jacare was scheduled to fight Luke Rockhold at UFC Fight Night Melbourne just a few weeks after this weekends fight, so he's been training and would likely be ready and willing to accept a short notice fight.

And, despite the fact that Kennedy is ranked 14, while Jacare is ranked third, he'd be accepting a fight on the biggest fight card and on one of the biggest stages in the world. That alone would be perk enough. Who wouldn't want to be a part of ?

He is also coming off a first round TKO finish at UFC 198 back in May so he's rested and didn't take much damage.

And of course let's not forget that these two have fought once before and (at least in Kennedy's eyes) it was close. The pair met in Strikeforce in 2010 and the bout ended in a split decision going Souza's way. We all know how much the UFC (and fans) like rematches, so I bet this would get at least a few people hyped up.

Although Kennedy didn't name Jacare until he'd already asked Nick Diaz, Michael Bisping and Anderson Silva as fighters he'd like to meet in the Octagon; he'd likely accept any fight that was offered to him in order to keep his spot on the prelims.


Shortly after this was published the UFC released a statement to MMAWeekly stating that while both Rashad Evans and Tim Kennedy will be paid, they would not find a replacement bout for Kennedy.

Thanks for nothing MMA Gods!


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