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Justin Golightly

With a card so unbelievably, laugh in the face of the MMA gods stacked, it was only natural some match-ups for would not come to fruition.

Way early on, we already had to say goodbye to an insane Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone fight with frightening Robbie Lawler (who was replaced by Kevin Gastelum) and recently Rashad Evans' middleweight debut against Tim Kennedy was scrapped then potentially rescheduled for .

It's almost bad to say that a fight falling off the card like this gets kind of glossed over, but it seemed to be the case with just so many incredible fights to look forward to on the card. That is, until you see what Evans looked like at 195lbs in prep for the cut to 185lbs.

Is this Photoshop!? The transformation is crazy. looks ten years younger and is absolutely shredded. Maybe we'll get to see the new and improved Evans at UFC 206!

See for yourself:


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