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This is what happens when you let a guy who wrestled bears as a child fight people.

Conor McGregor has all the hype and the knockout highlights, but could be the most feared lightweight on the planet. He took a few hits to wake up his inner beast in the first round of his fight against Michael Johnson, then absolutely dominated the speedy lightweight in frightening fashion at .

What is even more frightening, is the audio of Nurmagomedov calmly trying to convince Johnson to quit while he looks him in the eyes and rains down powerful punches directly on his skull.

He told Megan Olivi after the fight that he talked to Dana White in-between rounds, which is documented in the above clip, but he never mentioned negotiating with Johnson mid-mauling. This is horror movie MMA stuff right here.

"You have to give up," Nurmagomedov said. Johnson gives him a backhand and Nurmagomedov just nods and pauses like it was a slight annoyance before delivering a vicious elbow. "I have to fight for the title, you know this. I deserve it."

Much like Nate Diaz used a post-fight rant after beating Johnson to try and get a shot at , Nurmagomedov busted out one of the best speeches of all-time to convince the world that he will 'smash' White's 'son,' McGregor. It's no surprise. McGregor was on his mind before the fight when we caught up to him.

Even before UFC 205, Nurmagomedov put his sights on McGregor after he believed he was used a pawn in awarding the lightweight title shot to a person who tapped in March and fought for the title in November. Now that McGregor actually holds the belt in his division, the bear is one step closer to a salmon that found a quick way up the stream. If Nurmagomedov doesn't get this shot, not only does it put all the other fighters in danger, but he claims he may leave the UFC.

Watch the whole preview below.


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