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Jason Nawara

Dan Hardy has been out of competition for over four years now, but he's found new life as one of the best fight analysts in the game. Maybe it's his British accent, or maybe it's his encyclopedic knowledge of the martial arts, but it's hard to not enjoy the hell out of these breakdowns.

The watch is certainly a fascinating one, as usual for all Inside the Octagon breakdowns. The crux of Hardy's argument revolves around 's left hand, and how he circles fighters into the cage. Would this work against a pressure fighter like Eddie Alvarez? That's the next fascinating phase of the fight Hardy breaks down.

The footwork of Alvarez could be what wins Alvarez the fight. That, as well as his grinding style he used against Pettis, Melendez and to a lesser extent, Cerrone (and most famously RDA).

Granted, if McGregor can move Alvarez against the fence, it could be game over, but there's one thing EA has over McGregor — wrestling. Now, we have been seeing McGregor throw short flying knees in the open workouts and in training. Will we be seeing something from Mystic Mac we've never seen before such as a flying kne knockout?

We'll see in just a few hours.


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