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Amy Kaplan

If Conor McGregor wants it, gets it.

And tonight, after he became the first ever UFC fighter to hold two titles in two weight divisions at the same time, he wanted two belts.

"Where the fuck is my second belt?" McGregor asked immediately following his win, and he kept asking.

It looks like UFC President Dana White may have "borrowed" UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley' gold strap.

The thing is, there's ALREADY beef between Woodley and McGregor and this isn't going to bode well for a quick squashing of that squabble.

McGregor promptly asked for his second belt, and then suddenly it was apparent that a second one wasn't nearby. White vanished and came back with a belt a few minutes later, and then the rumor mill began.

White later admitted in the post fight presser that Woodley "gave" him the belt, and that it's since be returned.

Regardless, everyone will have the appropriate belts, so hopefully the boys will play nice from here on out.


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