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Jason Nawara

Chael Sonnen and Tito Ortiz have had mics in their faces for the better part of three weeks now, and on a long enough timeline, if Tito has a mic in his face, something weird will always happen.

Earlier tonight in the middle of the cage, Sonnen made fun of Tito for having his zipper down. It was a grade school-level joke, but that's Sonnen's persona these days — toe the line, smile, and back away slowly like Homer Simpson into the bushes.

Tito, however, came back at Chael with a tasteless joke of his own:

"He keeps making jokes. Looking at my zipper. He was staring at my bulge. I didn't know Chael was gay, I guess that's his problem he needs to work out if that's his thing. I got some gay friends he may like"

You gotta stop, Tito. It's the current year. C'mon! He even doubled down:

(Then he corrected his tweet because he spelled "crotch" wrong

And so, Twitter had at it:

Some things never change...


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