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Josh Molina

Wow, Roman Reigns may have finally pissed off the wrong guy.

John Cena is upset with the Samoan Superman.

First, let's look at the following video, where Reigns was doing his usual sleeping in the middle of a match. Reigns was wrapped in a headlock by , but instead of selling it, Reigns was laughing.

Cena, the 15-time world champion, wasn't happy with Reigns' show of disrespect during the match.

What made Reigns crack up?

Owens was heckling a fan during a WWE house show. Owens, while squeezing Reigns' head, told the fan "I made more money this week than you have all year. I got $35,000 just from royalties."

Reigns started to laugh and then put his hand over his mouth.

After the video shot on a mobile phone went viral, Reigns tweeted this as an explanation for his laughter.

Cena then interjected himself into the conversation.

Are you kidding me? Cena going after Reigns? Now that's a match worthy of a Wrestlemania main event.

Reigns was not impressed and seemed to escalate the feud.

vs. -- who would the boo the most? Smart money is on Reigns, who has yet to earn a majority of the fans' respect. Cena, at least, has longevity on his side, and unlike Reigns, actually works really hard in his matches. Cena vs. Reigns is better than any other Wrestlemania main event the could ever make. Book it.


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