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All UFC fighters should have radio shows. It would be another promotion machine added to the fleet of social media accounts. Imagine trying to set up a fight with someone and they call in after you mention their name. This is exactly what happened on Michael Bisping's SiruisXM show The Countdown. Bisping started talking about his encounter with Tyron Woodley, and he just picked up the phone and dialed the number.

"It's an easy fight for me, you're an easy fight," Bisping said to Woodley. "I win any way I want to."

"Don't believe everything that people say to you, Tyron, because people kiss the ass when you're a world champion, but I've been around long enough to know that it's all bullsh-t, so don't believe everything that all your little team says," Bisping said. "All your little ‘yes men.' Everything they're telling you, it ain't true, because I'll do to you what f-cking Nate Marquardt did to you and beat the f-ck out of you, buddy."

Well, this exchange got way more heated and personal than their friendly banter over the weekend. If the video of their verbal agreement wasn't taken seriously the first time, there's no doubt now: Bisping and Woodley are serious about fighting each other.

So serious in fact, that allegedly has talked to his manager about the fight. responded saying otherwise, while throwing shade on and keeping talk going. Either way, both of these guys know how to sale a fight, whether it will happen or not.

"I just left my manager, we said we'd do it," Bisping said. "He said, ‘you don't want that really because no one gives a sh-t about Tyron, because the way he fights is super boring,' and he said no one really wants it. But screw it, if you want to do it, I'm in."

"That's funny he said that because now he's pushing for a rematch with Wonderboy. So, tell him hey, tell Wonderboy to fall back," Woodley said. "Go and have some some fruit snacks and teach some kid's classes. I can take out Wonderboy, then I can stop Conor. So, I can beat his whole roster, just wipe out his whole roster."

Joe Rogan doesn't have a problem with it.


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