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It's the fight we have all been waiting for: A Polish strongman who looks like the human version of The Thing, and a demon-eyed rapper who could literally be a Batman villain at an event called KSW: Circus of Pain.

Mariusz Pudzianowski waddled with his enormous lats into the Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki (KSW) cage to fight gangster rapper Paweł Ryszard Mikołajuw, also known as Popek. All of those names look like someone spilled three cans of Campbell's® Alphabet Soup on the canvas, and that's pretty much how the fight went.

Ok, sure, it was a quick knock out, but a bonkers freak show bout like this is more about who the hell these characters are rather than if Polish Hulk can defeat the Popek Monster.

Meet the Monsters

Mariusz "Pudz" Pudzianowski

Pudzianowski is the kind of guy that could literally propel your vehicle to the desired destination like The Flinstone's car. He's been awarded the title of World's Strongest Man five-times which is a Guinness World Record, but he is more than just his snake-veined brawn. The beauty in this beast is that he was also a finalist on Poland's Dancing With the Stars and a singer in his brother's band. Oh, and he also has the dream diet of a giant toddler.

"Breakfast is 10 eggs and two to three pounds of bacon. Between meals, I eat lots of candy. In the morning, it will be several 3 Musketeers and/or Snickers bars; I need them for energy. Lunch, at 1 or 2 PM, is a double meal of a Polish pork chop, sauerkraut and potatoes. An hour later, I work out, then take lots of supplements: magnesium, creatine, amino acids, all that stuff, and more chocolate. Dinner is whatever meat I can grab—steaks, pork chops, bacon—plus more sauerkraut and potatoes. At 9 or 10 PM, I work out again. Afterward, I have a protein shake and more chocolate. At 3 or 4 AM, I wake up and have more chocolate, then go back to sleep until morning." - Pudzianowski on his diet.

Paweł "Popek" Mikołajuw

The last fight Popek had before this knockout loss to Pudzianowski was either years ago. However, who cares about his 2-2 MMA record? Popek looks like Paul Wall got attacked by a Weed Eater, pushed into the vat of chemicals that transformed the Joker and then was possessed by an evil spirit! This is partly due the fact that he had his eyeballs tattooed. As for his face, to drop a line from the aforementioned Batman antagonist, know how he got these scars? By voluntarily paying for the procedure.

Watch the entire fight here.


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