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It sounds like hip-hop stars Chris Brown and Soulja Boy are looking to settle their high-profile beef inside the ring, and Floyd Mayweather Jr. wants to help set it up.

This insane celebrity match-up came about after the rappers' intense back-and-forth on social media. According to E!, Brown allegedly called Soulja Boy asking for a fight because he liked an Instagram post by one of Brown's ex-girlfriends (among many other reasons behind the feud).

He was apparently serious about the bout, as boxer Adrien Broner later announced via social media that Brown and Soulja Boy would be facing each other in the spring.

"It's going down in March," Broner wrote. "They both getting prepared for the epic fight."

The fight seemed to be off when Soulja Boy tweeted out an apology video, saying that he was distraught due to his mother's health issues and just wants to make music with Brown. However, leave it 50 Cent to throw some fuel on the fire.

The rapper said in an Instagram clip that he's willing to bet $100,000 on the match against Mayweather, his on again, off again foe.

"Call Floyd,"50 Cent says in the video. "Tell Floyd specifically that I said I bet $100,000. I bet $100,000 on Chris Brown and $100,000 on Soulja Boy."

It didn't take long for the boxer to respond. Mayweather shared another fight post featured Brown and Soulja Boy, this time claiming that The Money Team would help bring this bout to pay-per-view.

Not only is Mayweather promoting the event, but he'll also be training Soulja Boy for his boxing debut.

"The biggest fight of the century," Soulja Boy said in an Instagram clip accompanied by the boxer. "2017 is already off to a bang."

He's going to need the help as Brown is fuming after Soulja Boy made several posts about Brown's daughter Royalty.

Brown posted an Instagram video where he blasted Soulja Boy for bringing his family into the beef, adding that he's serious about setting this fight up as quickly as possible.

"Seriously, we're gonna set up this fight," Brown said. "It's gonna be professional. You can do all that but one thing you gotta stop doing, my n---a, Ima be real with you, stop bringing my daughter into this."

If that wasn't enough, Broner announced via social media that he will be training Brown for the match, while Mayweather will be in Soulja Boy's corner.

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