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Demian Maia is on a six-fight win streak and his only losses in the last four years have been to Rory MacDonald and Jake Shields. The only person in the welterweight division who had more consecutive wins than him was Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson, who just fought for the title in an incredible draw. These are the reasons why Maia believes he should fight Tyron Woodley for the title next but it looks like that isn't in the cards. Matter of fact, Maia isn't even in the deck.

"I don't know which direction this sport is going right now," Maia said to Luke Thomas on SirusXM Rush. "It really, really makes me said. It's just weird times. I've done everything for this sport and this division."

"I just saw on Twitter today that [Tyron Woodley] put who he should fight next time. He put rematch with Wonderboy, McGregor, or Bisping. A lot of people said, 'why not Demian, he's next'," Maia said. "[Woodley] said, 'it's not my fault, nobody offered Demian to me'. I'm very sad about that. Why didn't they offer me to Woodley? I'm the next guy."

Opinions and preferred match-ups aside, you can't call Maia a liar. did put up a poll on Twitter asking who the fans want him to fight and Maia was nowhere to be found. Two people out of his division were on that poll though, including and . Woodley and McGregor already built up a convincing story line for a future fight back at , and Bisping has already verbally agreed to a fight as well.

"They want me to fight Robbie Lawler in January," Maia said. "But we want to see first if [the UFC] are going to do the rematch [between Woodley and Thompson]. We want to fight for the title."

The thing is, you can't really fault either party. Woodley can't accept a fight he's not offered, and if he can get big money fights outside of his division and keep his belt then the onus is on the UFC.

Maia just wants to fight for what he feels he deserves, but it's up to the UFC to give it to him, not the champ. However, the fact that the UFC is leaning towards these other match-ups in lieu of an adherence to rankings, concerns him and many fans.

Maia talks about being offered fights and his plans


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