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Jason Nawara

These are strange times. Conor McGregor is currently counter-programming his own promotion in the UFC with a live, Pay Per View interview which has simultaneously not said much, but also revealed quite a bit. We now know that McGregor seems hellbent on making the Floyd Mayweather fight happen. Perhaps its because he's nearly 13 years younger and bigger than Floyd, perhaps its for the money, perhaps he just wants to be the greatest champion to never defend a belt.

Perhaps he just really likes filling up 5,000 seat auditoriums on his words alone...

It started with this incendiary Instagram post:

Now here are the juiciest updates:

On Nate Diaz:

But back to Floyd:

Beyond the typical fight promotion stuff, now we're hearing about Conor's Hollywood aspirations

Now he's going in on the MMA unions

And Anderson Silva...

It all comes back to Floyd:

But in the end, we all got what we wanted from this PPV, right?


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