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is proving to be quite the style icon.

The champion was recently named one of the 50 best-dressed men on the planet in GQ's new 2017 list. After coming in the No. 6 spot in 2016, the Irish MMA superstar finally cracked the top five on this year's round-up, earning the No. 4 spot. If you can believe, McGregor even edged out star Tom Hiddleston with his bombastic fashion outside of the Octagon.

“He’s such a style guy... he’s always been that way since the day I met him,” his tailor Devid Heil told GQ. “He takes everything and makes it his own. It takes a guy with the right mind to pull off these extreme looks, and he does.”

actor Luke Evans took the No. 3 spot on the list, while last year's first place finisher and star Eddie Redmayne came in second. Rapper Drake, a new entry to the rankings, was crowned the best-dressed man heading into the New Year.

As for McGregor's fashion, he's always been keen on wearing the most expensive, stylish, and outlandish outfits he can find.

"Something about a good suit," McGregor said in a recent UFC video about his style. "You can take on the world in a good suit.'

Check out a few of Conor McGregor's fashion highlights below.

The 'all white Gucci mink' coat will go down as one of McGregor most infamous looks.

The champ definitely knows how to clean himself up for a bow tie and tuxedo affair.

McGregor is all business when it comes to style.

Well, when he's not rocking crazy sweaters...

...Or whatever this is.

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