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Justin Golightly

Brock Lesnar came into on what had to be the strongest foot cream on Earth. The self-proclaimed, "jacked white boy" recently defeated Mark Hunt in July via unanimous decision. The victory has since been overturned to a no contest, because Lesnar got notified of an anti-doping violation almost before he could even put his giant fists down from being raised. He already received a fine and a suspension from the NSAC, and now he has just been handed out a one-year suspension from USADA.

No one was around to record Hunt's presumably epic reaction, but the internet was quick to weigh-in on Lesnar's slap on the wrist. While it doesn't compare to the WWE's minuscule "fine" of $500, this is certainly a small atonement for a more egregious violation than others who have received stiffer punishments. Lesnar's one year of ineligibility started on July 15, 2016, with both year-long suspensions running concurrently, he can hypothetically return to UFC if he wanted this Summer.

Dana White recently said Lesnar's MMA career is 'probably over', but with 's future as an MMA fighter cloudy and both and out for most of the year, it wouldn't be surprising at all if they pulled in big Brock Lesnar to help make up for the absence of heavy draws.

...We imagine Mark Hunt is still royally pissed.


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