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Angela "Overkill" Hill knows how to inject fun into the most mundane of events. The weigh in is often viewed by fighters as a tedious and far too serious exercise that puts a cap on the necessary preparation before a fight. Normally, fighters are unhappy from the savage weight cut and simply want to make weight and get out of there to hydrate and put some food in their famished bodies.

is different.

The UFC women's strawweight has a unique personality and an obsession with video games and cosplay. Instead of being just another angry fighter flexing for the cameras, Hill turns every weigh-in into an opportunity to entertain with cosplay.

Let's take a look at her greatest cosplay moments.

Angela Hill As Sagat

For her return to the UFC, "Overkill" decided to dress up as the Street Fighter 2 Tiger Uppercut master known as Sagat. Not only did she dress the part, but she also did the staredown in the eye-patched fighter's stance and victory pose.

Angela Hill as Dhalsim

At 16, Hill took on the persona of the fire-breathing Indian yogi known as Dhalsim. Again, take note as she goes all the way into character for this. And the photo of the elastic world warrior is top notch.

Angela Hill as Afro Samurai

Nothing says badass more than dressing up as the master swordsman Afro Samurai. Hill completely nailed this one with the headband, afro and wardrobe.

Angela Hill as Storm

Although this wasn't for a fight, we'd be remiss to not point out how awesome Angie Hill as Storm is. She actually fits the role better than Halle Berry did in all of her cinematic turns as the X-Men goddess.

Angela Hill As One Of The Warriors

Before squaring off for the Invicta FC Strawweight title, Hill went completely retro and dressed as one of The Warriors from the cult classic from 1979. This one clearly took a lot of work as Hill had to duplicate the vest, trinkets and all the necessary items to be part of the gang. She went on to claim the title by defeating Livia Renata Souza by split decision.

Angie Hill As Fallout 4

Hill made her Invicta debut a memorable one when she faced Alida Gray and stopped her in the second round with a knee to the body. Perhaps more memorable was her adaptation of Fallout 4. Totally nailed it.


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