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may not be booked in the 2017 but that isn't stopping El Patron from flinging bodies everywhere.

Former wrestler Alberto Del Rio was arrested in Austria over the weekend after he was allegedly involved in a fight with an Austrian man and his brother Guillermo Rodriguez, who wrestles as El Hijo de Dos Caras.

According to media reports, Del Rio and his brother first got into a fight with a 26-year-old Austrian man over ethnicity, according to Pro Wrestling Sheet.

Del Rio and his brother allegedly beat the man so badly, he was transported to the hospital in an ambulance. Later, the brothers fought with each other at the police station when they each attempted to blame the other for starting the fight, according to media reports.

The story was first reported by an Austrian tabloid: According to their report, it took 10 police officers to restrain the former WWE wrestler in the Friday night incident. Del Rio reportedly broke out of zip ties and was only restrained after the police placed shackles on his feet.

Del Rio has since been released and the fight is still under investigation. Del Rio returned home with a ring for his fiance, WWE wrestler Paige.

Del Rio left the WWE in 2016. He is currently the president of Combate Americas and takes bookings as an independent wrestler.


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