ByJosh Molina, writer at
Covers mixed martial arts and professional wrestling and the convergence of the two industries.
Josh Molina

Ric Flair, arguably the greatest professional wrestler of all time, is still going strong -- literally.

Check out this video that Flair posted on Twitter of the 16-time world heavyweight champion dead-lifting some serious weight: 400 pounds.

By the way, Ric Flair is 67 years old. And what's up with the #17 hashtag? Is he teasing that he is going to win a 17th world title?

Flair enjoyed his final match against at Wrestlemania 24. Flair wrestled in TNA and other smaller promotions after his retirement. He is still, however, a mainstay on WWE television, thanks to his daughter Charlotte, the WWE Women's Universal Champion.


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