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UFC welterweight champion let it be known that he's done taking all-comers as UFC champion.

“An opponent is not really defined. There are some welterweight bouts going on, but man it is a crazy sport right now," said to "I don’t really feel confined to just fighting the number one contender. I am not going to be the only weight class in the UFC that has to stay true to that old rule set. When everyone is showing us that, you know, that the game is really wide open for giving the fans the fights they want to see.”

Woodley feels he is ready for his big money fight, which is hard to justify after his title defense against , but recent a conversation with Dana White seems to have Woodley confident his seven-figure paycheck is on its way.

“Yea for sure. You know the UFC doesn’t have that many stars. They have a lot of great fighters, but as far as actual stars there is not very many of them in the UFC. So with that said, I think that I am one of the guys that are right on the cusp of breaking through and becoming that star. And I think the UFC will put their heavy hitters on that card (UFC 213). I don’t know exactly what they (the UFC) have planned but I talked to Dana (White) not too long ago and he asked me when I want to fight and I told him that I want to fight then (July 8). So with that said, I think that is going to be a go. That is what we are shooting for.”

Woodley has posted an Instagram message proclaiming that he's return to the gym and is preparing for another training camp.

The big payday Woodley is dreaming about is going to be hard to come by at .

Woodley has his list of UFC stars that he'd like to fight challenge in July, but for every fighter listed, there's a reason for them to pass on fighting the dangerous Woodley.

“You know UFC 205 was a huge pay-per-view event for me. Why would I not try and produce a fight with (Michael) Bisping or Nick or Nate Diaz, Georges St-Pierre and Conor McGregor? Those guys are my first options right now.”

Let us breakdown Woodley's chances at a seven-figure paycheck and why these fights probably won't happen.

Nate Diaz

A welterweight title fight without having to climb the ladder in the division would be appealing for Nate Diaz, but he's far from a natural welterweight and would lack the strength the challenge Woodley. Instead, could sit back and wait for a $3 million+ trilogy fight against Conor McGregor when he returns.

Michael Bisping

is hoping Georges St-Pierre is good to go for UFC 213, which looks bleaker by the day, so a backup plan for that day would be smart. The only downfall with Bisping having Woodley as your backup plan is that he has the power to knock him out and take his belt; eliminating the money he'd see from a far-less-powerful .

Nick Diaz

Nick Diaz has only fought once since his welterweight title fight against GSP in 2013, a middleweight loss to Anderson Silva, yet he's still one of the most popular fighters in the UFC. is Woodley's best chance at a money fight in July, but once again a future middleweight fight against a possible world champion in St-Pierre is much more profitable. Nick hasn't fought in two years, what's another couple of months?

Donald Cerrone

Yes, we know that "Cowboy" Cerrone is scheduled to fight at UFC 213. That doesn't mean that an injury couldn't occur leading up to that fight and somehow thrust the extremely popular Cerrone into a title fight. The same can be said of Lawler if for some reason Cerrone went down during training camp. Depending on injuries is dicey, so that almost eliminates these two fighters.

Conor McGregor

The "Notorious" has his heart set on a boxing match with Floyd Mayweather, and despite recent rumors, he looks to have no interest in taking a UFC fight before that bout. If there was a scenario to draw McGregor back into the Octagon in July and still allow him to fight Mayweather in the fall, it'd be a chance to make history as the first UFC three division champion.

As good as it sounds, that opportunity will be there whenever McGregor returns to the UFC, so there's no need to jeopardize his payday with McGregor.


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