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We started Movie Pilot with one mission in mind: to make fan voices heard in the movie industry. Millions of film lovers worldwide visit moviepilot.com to discover and create content about their favorite movies and TV shows. We are a pop-culture digital magazine and social publisher with a difference: our content is created by fans, for fans, and curated on our site by our editorial staff.

In Cameron Crowe's movie Almost Famous, he tells his own story of touring with the Allman Brothers Band for three weeks. He was on his first assignment writing for Rolling Stone Magazine, and the movie documents his journey through his love of music, and his efforts to get the story, which they published in December 1973. He was a fan first, a journalist second.

We love this movie. And we love supporting young fans to write about the things they’re passionate about. True pop culture is created from the bottom up, by real fans, teenagers, the doers, the consumers, the dreamers. Our mission is to invite fans into the process to talk about what they love and value in a passionate and knowledgeable way, ultimately building the most unique entertainment destination on the world wide web.


To realize our mission we worked on several integral elements:

  • We built the open blogging platform creators.co where likeminded fans can write together, exchange ideas and best practices through chat functionality and get professional feedback from our editorial staff.

  • We created an online academy, fostering the talents of creators who want to learn more on the craft or writing.

  • We built a distribution network via Facebook, Google and other social networks, helping our creators that their articles get read by millions of people

  • And we designed a fair compensation model, sharing our revenues with the fans who create content with us.


While our origins lie in the movie industry our community on creators.co has grown out of it in the meantime. Today we operate parallel publications: Now Loading about Video Games and Champions about Mixed Martial Arts. And we are dedicated to add more publications to this roster of digital magazines in the near future as our fans show us what they are passionate to write about.